4 Extremely Thoughtful Gifting Ideas for Your Wife’s Birthday

When it’s your wife’s birthday, you want to do everything in your power to make her happy on her special day. You can give her a lot of different surprises especially if you aren’t on a tight budget. But just than normal gifting on her birthday, you can gift her some thoughtful surprises.

Here are different ways to surprise to wife on her birthday to bring a smile on her face –

Get her a customized cake

You can easily customize a cake from any bakery across India or even at your local bakeries in your district. If you are looking for special customizations like different flavors, specialized cakes for allergies, shaped cakes such as in the shape of a heart, flowers and other shapes or even a beautiful photo printed cake. A lot of the best bakeries and patisseries do online cake delivery in Kota, Gujarat and even smaller towns and cities across the country. You can surprise her with the cake at the office or even at home.

Get her a gift basket

A customized gift basket with her favorite makeup, fragrances, beauty products and other beauty and skincare items will be a beautiful surprise. Do take notes of her favorite brands and products so that you can get her exactly what she wants and not something that she already has or won’t use! You can ask her best friend or even your mother-in-law to help you with the selection. A lot of e-gifting websites have a wide variety of gifts like these to choose from that you can get decorated and gift wrapped for your wife’s birthday. This is a more expensive option for gifting, so you best be prepared for spending a lot on such a customized gift basket!

Gift her a spa day

You can give her your credit card or simply buy her a gift voucher for a full day of relaxing activities at her favorite salon. She can have an entire spa day for relaxation either by herself or along with you or with her girlfriends! From getting a fancy manicure, pedicure to getting a full body massage and hair cut – a full spa day will guarantee a complete enjoyment and relaxation for her! She can finally get that hair color and full body massage that she’s been eyeing for a while and what better day to get it than on her birthday! She will definitely be extremely happy and glowing after her spa day all thanks to you!

Take her on a fancy date

Remember that restaurant that you both have been planning to visit but never really get the time to? You can finally take her to that fancy 5-star hotel for a birthday date night for just the two of you! Post the dinner, if she wishes, you can plan a birthday party or a small get together on her birthday for celebrating with your family and friends! You can also order a customized birthday cake from any online cake delivery in Kota shop.

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