6 Website Design Tips for Novice Entrepreneurs

It’s a time-crunched world, most of the people don’t even have time to feed their cats or take their dogs for a walk. This hurried pace is repeated by Entrepreneurs when they go for website design. So, whether it is pre-installed website theme or a custom web designfor Entrepreneurs, you need to make sure that the website design is as per the target market you’re planning to capture.

One thing you need to ensure that even if your website design is worth a wait, the download speed needs to be minimum for greater impact. Pay close to attention to these professional web design tips to create a website that won’t slow your business down.

  • Compress images before upload

Images are a great example of how looks can be deceiving. While uploading the images you often don’t realize how much size your image will take on the server. By compressing the size of images, it will not only look professional, but in addition to that your server will not be heavy and your website will open fast.

Yes, you can specify the height and width of the images, but make sure that the size of the image is optimized.

  • Minimize the code

While HTML is much fast than graphic text, there are ways to make your website faster. By minimizing the codes, you will be able to make the website clean and easy to operate. This will create a faster experience for the user and if there is some editing need to be done, you need to make sure that the code is easy to understand for the new developer.

  • Use Thumbnails

Using thumbnails is often one of the best ways to optimize your website for greater eCommerce experience. Just provide customers with a small preview of what is about to come, load the images fast so it will give customers a chance to have a glance and see if the product is worth checking.

  • Welcome CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is not a new thing. CSS is a styling language that has an important message for the audience. It gives a good look on the interface, and it gives the chance for website developers to create a mind-blowing experience for the designers and the customers to stick to your website.

  • Reduce server requests

A good thing about custom web design is that you can always control the requests that server sends to the user. Therefore, some websites open fast, while others take time to load in the first place. Create websites that reduce the server requests so that the website loads in time.

  • Page size matters

Even if you have followed all the tips above, you need to reduce the page size of the website so that page takes less time to load on any device. If the page size is big, it will take longer for the users to browse the website and it is not at all advisable to keep the users waiting. Ideal page size is around 30KB.

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