What Are The Common Kinds Of Business Visa

You need to know how a visa label reads and then only you can understand the kind and ultimate restrictions that will be printed on the label of it.As we already know that a visa is a government record of yours and it gives you the official confirmation of the allowance of visit to a foreign country. It is a legal allowance and basically a sort of stamp or sticker attached to the passport of the bearer.

Each kind of a visa gives the bearer an altogether different legal-right in the host country. Let us look at the different kinds of visa at a glance, below.

  • All the various kinds of visas are branched from two sub branches of the mother branch- the travel visa. The travel visa is subdivided into immigrant and nonimmigrant visa. Immigrant visa as the name suggest, allows the person to stay permanently in the foreign country. And the non immigrant counterpart allows the bearer just a temporary allowance to enter into the foreign land.
  • Of the many different kinds of visa available the travel or the tourist visa is the most ordinary one. As the name suggests travel visa is only a mere allowance on the part of the individual to visit a country. Tourist visa or travel visa are hence only subjected for tourism, vacationor leisure purposes. Tourist visa permits you to stay in a foreign country, for a certain amount of time, determined earlier. However the tourist visa strictly prohibits the bearer to engage in any sort of business activities in the foreign country. A person holding a tourist visa, and not a PR visa Canada means that he is not eligible to work in any organization in the foreign country, but he can definitely engage in all sorts of leisure activities there.
  • For a person to engage in employment or business activities in the foreign country, needs to get a work visa for himself. So if a person wishes to go to a foreign land in order to get an employment he is required to get a work visa first. Depending on the duration of your stay and the kind of work you wish to engage yourself in, there are several different types of work visa. A working holiday visa will allow you to work in a organization temporarily, while you tour across the country.

A permanent resident Visa Canada has nothing to do with the business visa as the latteris only a particular allowance to the bearer for entrance into the host country to engage in any business activity. However a person holding a business visa cannot join the foreign country’s labor market. Like for example to engage in any business conference in a foreign place also, you need to get a business visa. Also if you want to engage in business relations with a company in a foreign land, you need to travel there with your business visa. This is just to have a prominent evidence that the bearer is just doing his business without receiving any income from the foreign country.

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