Get a Huge Traffic with Correct Strategies

It is a well-known fact that ‘content is king’. If you successfully created fabulous and outstanding content, then it will surely get observed by eagle eyed and savvy content consumers. With the passing times, it will spread across the Social Media as a wildfire that will help you to get an extraordinary brand exposure.

The quality of content is a matter of great attention. However, with the appropriate marketing activation along with a strong planning methodology, your videos will become absolutely brilliant. However, it may possible that they are not gaining their deserved attention. It might be the case that these online content can be enlisted into the orphan content that means they will become an unnoticed and unappreciated online content. It is better to have no plan than have an orphan content.

However, you can save your content from being an orphan content by an appropriate planning methodology that notifies and shapes the overall creation as well as the activation process.

About Orphan Content

Perhaps, there is some sort of ambiguity involved with the term of ‘orphan content’. The trouble of orphan content has not limited to the consumer market only. According to a study, in between of the 60-70% of the content (created by the B2B marketing departments) remained unused. It is nothing but an unnecessary wastage of resources and time, which implies that without an appropriate activation strategy, content can remain lonely.

It is not easy to configure the exact amount of orphan content over the internet. Orphan content does not mean that it has not visited by a single viewer; moreover, it implies that it has not gained its deserving attention and love. There can be three reasons behind the development of the orphan content. These reasons are as follows:

Substandard Content Quality: If your content is not up to the mark then people will not share your content and all of the marketing strategies will be end up in smoke. A poor content cannot help you to get any favours to your brand. If the content quality is pathetic, then it may end up having ranges of negative effects.

Poor Market Activation Procedure: The process of marketing activation refers to the process of promoting your content to its targeted visitors through any type of marketing along with the media channels. If your content quality is not superior, then it will not get sufficient attention.

Poor Repurposing of Content: Longevity is another important aspect of a successful content. You have to create engaging, powerful, and memorable videos to get a huge publicity.

Effective Market Activation Plan

If you are associated with the substandard marketing strategies, then the result may be orphan content. It is true that content quality has the major importance to grow online; however, you cannot underestimate the importance of the activation strategy.

Successful activation involves a proper planning that includes understanding the audience, business objectives, competitors’ movement, industry buzz and lots more.

You have to focus on the creation of premium quality content and the proper marketing strategy to build real audience base and their engagement. If you want to leave the important task of marketing to an expert hand, then you can go for top internet marketing company in India.

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