Importance of Pregnancy Kicks

With the aid of a pregnancy kick counter, you can count the kicks of a baby. But the question is why the kicks are important in the first place. The kicks of the baby to remind you that there is a life inside your womb. It is a bundle of happiness that is growing and will come out any time to join you. All the kicks do make things special and help you to connect with the baby. It also points to the fact that there is a healthy fetus inside you. With a baby kick counter, it does go on to pose a lot of interesting questions at the same time.

The kick does go on to indicate the normal development of the baby

With the help of baby kicks, you can figure out that the development phase of the baby is great. You can figure out when the baby kicks, curls, and moves around. A flutter could be experienced when the baby goes on to stretch their limbs as well. You have to take into consideration that the movements to become more intense once you reach the later stages of pregnancy.

The kicks of the baby do increase when you are lying on the side

In case if you sleep on the side you are likely to feel more kicks. The main reason would be that the supply of blood does go on to increase when the baby is sleeping on the right or the left side. Therefore it does go on to increase the movements as well.

You can feel the kicks just after 9 weeks

When you feel a flutter in the first few weeks, those viable signs do indicate the first traces of movement. All these movements to take place from the 7th week of pregnancy. It would be an interesting time for the mother to feel them as well. It has been observed that babies do feel the first kicks after a period of gestation. With the aid of an ultrasound scan, you can figure out things. Once 24 weeks of gestation are over there will be an increase in the intensity of the kicks at the same time.

It needs to be kept in mind that once the frequency of the kicks decreases then the baby could be in distress. For this reason, the doctors advise you to keep track of the baby kicks once you touch 28th weeks. If there is a reduction in fetal activity it could point to viable signs of stress as well. The physical along with emotional state of affairs do indicate the health of a baby. If the level of nutritional is not adequate it could have an impact on the nervous system along with the brain development. Do keep walking around and drink a lot of water if you feel that the frequency of the baby kicks has gone on to reduce.

From the above discussion, it is quite obvious that the pregnancy kicks are important. They do go on to point a lot of things.

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