Important Factors about Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee pain is one of the common problem faced by several persons around the world for several reasons. When it reaches a particular limit, you can’t move as usual, climb stairs or walk the dog or to simply get out of your chair. If the case continues even after the intake of medicines and application of physical therapy, then it is the time to consider knee replacement surgery. Now, this surgery is so common and Indian hospital has high rate of success in the same.

Why should you need surgery?

Most of the people prefer knee placement surgery for the reason of Osteoarthritis. This age-related problem is so common in most of the person and it happens when cartilage, a cushion-like tissue between the bone joints and knee breaks down. Some other important reasons that lead to surgery include deformities, rheumatoid arthritis, loss of blood flow and knee injuries. At present, knee replacement surgery cost India is really affordable when compared with the foreign countries and is the reason why most of the people from different parts of the world visit India every year as a part of the medical tour.

Different types of surgery

Not everyone will have the same level of severity in knee pain and problems. Hence knee placement surgeries are divided into four important types based on the methods. They include total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, kneecap replacement and complex (revision) knee replacement. Medical experts will suggest you with the apt type of surgery based on the nature of knee condition.

Total knee replacement

This is the widely practiced form of surgery in which the surfaces of the shin bone and thigh bone that connects the knee is replaced by the surgeon.

Partial knee replacement

This surgery method is practiced in a case where arthritis affects only one side of the knee. This is done only if the patient has strong knee ligaments. The surgery is performed through a smaller cut.

Kneecap replacement

This surgery is conducted to replace only the under-surface of the kneecap apart from total replacement. But some of the surgeons have the opinion that kneecap replacement has a low rate of success when compared with total knee replacement. Hence it is certainly a good idea to check for the success rate before preferring this surgery.

Complex or revision knee replacement

As the name suggest this surgery is complex and is practiced on the persons or patients who suffer from severe arthritis or have already undergone two or more knee replacement surgeries.

Easy to book the doctor and surgery

At present, there are ISO certified health care discovery platforms to help the people within and beyond the borders of the country to book the surgery with desired hospitals. The reputed platform connects you with 70 plus reputed hospitals and 850 plus surgeons of the country. You can select the hospital at your desired location to get the service of an experienced surgeon to make the surgery a complete success. Almost all of the hospitals provide affordable knee replacement cost India to keep the patients satisfied in terms of surgery result and the final bill.

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