Know The Eligibility and Processes for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa from India

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the immigration program which is introduced by the Quebec Government and Canadian Federal Government. This immigration program enables the skilled workers and trained foreign workers from across the world to stay and work in Quebec to support the Quebec economy and community. The Quebec Skilled Worker Visa from India has different rules, methods and processes compared to other PNP programs. It has different selection criteria and being the applicant you need to know the selection process and the eligibility criteria of the program.

Prior to applying for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme 2017 it is necessary that you obtain the selection certification after which you will be eligible for applying the permanent residency status in Quebec.

MON Project Quebec

In order to make the process easier for the applicants the provincial government has recently a program called the MON Project Quebec which enables the applicants to fill and submit their application for the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa from India online from the Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificate de selection du Quebec. They can also make the online payment for the application online. This has truly made the application process easier and faster for the applicants.

Benefits of Quebec Skilled Worker Programme 2017

Quebec is the province in Canada that is known to offer immense working exposure and highest living facilities and the immigrants can enjoy the following benefits if the opt for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme 2017 and work in this province.

  • Better culture, environment and society to raise the family

  • Family protection under the same law

  • Enjoy the healthcare and social benefits from the government

  • Multiple employment benefits

  • Faster route for eligible candidates

  • Easy and simple policy for getting the PR visa

The Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

In a bid to obtain the permanent residency visa to stay and work in Quebec, the applicants need to meet the following eligibility criteria which are set by the government. The Quebec Skilled Worker Visa from India has the following requirements.

  • The applicants need to be above the age of 18 years

  • He/she needs to have sufficient language proficiency which should be above CLB 5

  • A valid job letter or offer from the employer located in Quebec

  • Work experience of 5 years in related domain either part-time or full-time or

  • You need to have relevant diploma, degree, certificate in the domain

  • Sufficient funds to support living in initially phase of employment, at least for three months.

Before applying for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme 2017 you are required to ensure that you score at least 49 points if you are the single applicant and 59 points if you are a couple and applying for both of you. You may use the Quebec Immigration Point Calculator to calculate your score and points and know if you are eligible for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme. You every entry your profile needs to be scored higher than the allotted points.

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