What to Look for When Buying a Linear Motor

Are you looking for the best linear motors? Well, you are at the right place. Choosing the best actuator is most important for all the applications. A linear actuator is nothing but an instrument, which is used to converts the rotary motion of stepper motor to linear motion, and hence the name linear motors. There are different types of linear motor and it varies in term of actuator types, motor range and performance.  Ball screw actuators, planetary actuators, rod less actuators are some of the popular linear motor types. If you want to choose the linear motor based on the design, you have to choose either rod style or rod less.

When it comes to choosing the best linear motor, the biggest challenges are price and budget. Apart from the budget, speed, load and performance are some of the basic requirements. In addition to this, you need to focus on some important aspects such as lifetime, accuracy, lifecycle and lots more. Before getting a linear actuator, you need to make sure that it meets your requirement. After purchase, you need to check if the linear motor operates in the vacuum and wash down. If so, it will be a high-quality linear motor.

Integrated Actuators

You need to check if the integrated actuators are working properly. Integrated Actuators are used in few applications where the motion control is required. Integrated actuators are generally used to adjust the screw positions in the motor. If the integrated actuator is fine, then windings will be energized properly.

Screw Technology

The Linear motor can be categorized based on the screw and belt type. Screw technology plays an important role in choosing the linear motor since it is used to generate the motion. The screw type motors vary based on some aspects. Screw type actuators can be categorized into many types. Ball screws, planetary roller, lead screws, oval screws are just a few types of screw type actuators. Lead screw actuator is the common screw actuator, which will generate motion in the inner elements. In general, manufacturers design the screw based on the lead screws.  This amazing lead screw technology is widely used by all the leading manufacturers. It is economical, simple and powerful screw technology.

Planetary Roller

Next important things to consider are planetary roller screw.  Make sure that the planetary rollers are of high quality. The planetary screw is essential for keeping up the thrust force with performance ladder. So, you should choose a linear actuator which has a long lifetime.  You can use ball screw, which is an alternative for some applications. The roller screw surrounds the main thread to generate the rotational motion. Planetary roller use any screw type actuator, which requires minimal maintenance at low cost.

Quality is the most important aspects for any products in the world. Hence, it is prominent to be sure that the components of this linear motor are working properly. Also, you have to check out if the linear motors are from the best quality brands.

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