The main Reasons Attribute to the Popping out of Belly Button During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant a lot of changes tend to happen to your body. Some of them may be pretty interesting to observe, and each of them tends to leave a mark on your body as well. Are you curious to know how to pop out your belly button during pregnancy? One thing is for sure it points to the fact that the baby is growing inside your womb. In fact they are developing and at the same time using each and every inch of space in your body as well.

Before we go ahead you need to understand more about popping out belly button. This is all the more so if you are lifelong innie, things are bound to change. The uterus tends to put outward pressure on your abdomen and just consider it one of the facets of pregnancy.

Now you need to understand on why did the change occur in the first place? The belly button is prone to change in the second or third trimester of pregnancy and in exact terms it is around 26 weeks of pregnancy. It has to be understood that it is not only going to be case with each and every women. For women in case of one pregnancy it could be the case but for subsequent pregnancies it may very well not be the case. You ought to consider the fact that the body is as interesting as like that.

As and when the baby starts to grow, the muscles of the abdomen tend to stretch as well. It is an obvious fact that the belly button does not have much muscle over it, so when the uterus is known to push it from the inside for sure it tends to get pushed out. Now the question is whether a popped out belly button has any relation to the gender of the baby. The answer to this question has to be a no for sure.

One thing is for sure the belly button could be a cause of annoyance as well. The main reason of it is because it is hypersensitive. This does make sense as in the days gone by the skin was prevented from rubbing against anything. The mere fact that when you go on to rub your shirt you are bound to get irritated. If this happens to be the case wear a bandage over it so that you will not have to rub it. In case of some self-conscious mothers they put a bandage over their stomach to prevent the button to be seen.

This could point to a dramatic change in a lot of ways, but seriously no major side effects are observed as well if such a thing happens as well. As per medical experts some women do experience a degree of discomfort in the navel region, but no pain it points to the fact that the process of popping is not that painful in itself.

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