How Modern Art Paintings are perceived and why?

Humans are blessed with so many attributes but the most astonishing gifts we got are, mind and heart. These two work so differently and still influences our actions, our decisionsor you can say our lives altogether.

The human brain is beautifully designed to create, think, perceive, resonate, adapt, and relate emotions with the instances from our or other’s life. The heart produces that emotions.

When you see art,yourinterpretation of the painting may be different from mine. It depends on our experiences in our respective lives.

This said, in this article, I am going to start a discussion onanevergreen argument of how modern art is perceived. Are you ready?Here we go:

Modern art is a waste

I want to know what your thoughts are when you look at modern art paintings. Do you like it or are you one of those who literally hates modern art.

Well, this section is for the people who do not really like modern art. I respect your emotions.

As per art experts, traditional art reflects our world, society and the events from the reality with which people can relate to.

Modern art, on the other hand, is something that is totally process driven. It means the art is superb, but it is only for the elitist group. Maybe this is why common people do face difficulty in absorbing thegist of modern art paintings.

Until unless an individual holds prowess of the art as a subject, he/she would not be able to relateto the beauty of modern art.

This is where I think modern art is not able to connect with a larger section of people. That is why people (not all, some) when seeing a modern art painting thinks “Even my 5-year-old can do this, why to pay millions for this?”

It’s not an insult but a genuine feeling a commoner gets while observing a modern art painting. It’s not his/her fault.

People’s minds are having a blockage that art should be beautiful and this assumption is prevalent forthousands of years now. So, this is why people do think modern art is such a waste.

On the other hand, there are people that not only love and adore modern art paintings but are also ready to pay millions of dollars to get their hands on one of such majestic artwork.

What’s their thought process? Let’s have a look:

Modern art is the best thing happened

Getting to the other side of the river, people who advocate the significance and gracefulness of modern art paintings are quite right.

These people, of course, are the art experts, students, artists, art collectors, and art aficionados. They understand one simple aspect; art does not signify beauty.

There is no dictionary in the entire world that defines art as something beautiful. Why? Because it is not.

Art is the reflection of artist’s emotions, opinions and perceptions that he/she has collected, discovered, got influenced, experienced and witnessed in his life.

The heart makes us feel and the mind expresses that feelingby offering a mesmerising picture to it that is made using vivacious colours and dazzling designs.

Art always accomplishes something for you.

Like if you think art should be eye-captivating and striking, only such art can quench your thirst.

Or, if you think art is beyond beauty; it’s just the craft and skill of artists to convey some message that is hidden in the deformed patterns and lose strokes of brushes.

So, it is important to first realise what you want the art to accomplish.

I personally think, modern art paintings are just gorgeous and the artists who craft them are brave geniuses.

These artists are breaking the conventional rules of art by creating paintings that do not have any subjects or objects relatable to the real world but the message is always in relation with the harsh reality of our society and life.

Another perspective

Art has always been criticised for like since the day it started. I think that’s because our minds are built like this.

When we see a totallychaotic painting with just sprinkles of colours and no specific designs, we think it’s childish because our brain tells us no adult mind would dare to express such freedom on the canvas.

I think we simply cannot digest the fact that how an artist couldhave this childish freedom in his/her thoughts and the courage to share it with the world.

It’s just a perception.

What do you think? Share with us in the comment section. Thanks!

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