Professional Crane Companies to Hire for Various Applications

Cranes are used to lift and move heavy loads from one place to another with the help of sheaves, hoist rope and wire ropes. Cranes are used in the construction industry, shipping and transport industry for loading and unloading freight, and in factories for assembling heavy parts and machineries. There are many types of cranes suited for various purposes. The top crane companies in the world have emerged highly successful in the heavy lift business for a number of industries. So if you run a construction business or heavy manufacturing unit then you need to use different type of crane for your transportation and load bearing. In this case, you can hire these cranes on rental basis or you can buy them from reputed crane companies.

Shipping: Hire the Crane for Your Shipment or Cargo Businesses

  • Crane companies provide port cranes for loading and unloading of massive shipping containers. Ship to Shore massive gantry cranes are provided for moving containers of extra large dimensions to and from the ships at the docks. These cranes are equipped with a specialized tool called spreader instead of a conventional hook. The spreader is fixed to the four corner locks of the container. The crane travels on a rail track during the operations.
  • Floating cranes are also available with many crane agencies specializing in shipping operations. Floating cranes are mobile cranes which come in various versions such as barges with cranes mounted on them or barges with rails on which the cranes run during operations. Floating cranes can be used in open-sea operations, sheltered waters and coastal waters. The best crane companies can offer state-of-the-art cranes for handling large number of loads of different tonnages.

Uses of Cranes in Petrochemical Industry

Crane companies provide coker cranes for use in the coking areas of petrochemical plants. Coking cranes are designed to withstand high temperature, smoke, debris and humidity which are the features of a coking area. Both Electric overhead travelling coker cranes and gantry coker cranes are available with the crane companies. EOT coker cranes usually have a span of not more than 46 metres.  Malfunctioning cocker crane and hold up productivity due to loss of man hours. Thus, the crane companies always strive to repair and replace the damaged parts as soon as possible while providing back-up cranes to continue the operations.

Different Types of Cranes Used by Several Industries:

  • Wood processing industry

Crane companies provide log cranes for the wood industry. These cranes are used to lift heavy logs and place them with precision at the sawing units. The cranes are also used to carry cut timber for loading or storage.

  • Waste disposal

Grab bucket cranes are available with many crane companies for waste management. These are overhead cranes fitted with grab buckets for carrying the waste materials. The lifting capacity of grab bucket cranes can be as high as 25 tonnes. Such cranes are widely used in waste incineration, recycling and sorting facilities.

  • Automobile industry

Heavy duty overhead cranes as well as gantry cranes are provided by the crane companies for lifting and transportation of vehicle bodies, engines and other parts in the assembly and other sections in a car manufacturing facility.

  • Construction industry

Cranes are indispensable pieces of machinery in the construction industry. Cranes are required on construction sites for effectively lifting and transporting heavy machinery and construction materials. Cranes are also used to reach inaccessible areas during the construction of high rise buildings. The different cranes used in the construction industry are tower cranes, crawler cranes, telescopic cranes, rough terrain cranes, vehicle mounted cranes and much more.

If you are in shipping business, then you can consult with these crane companies and they will defiantly provide you suitable crane according to your requirement.

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