Remember your Dreams with Aniracetam

Aniracetam is acknowledged as one nootropic supplement that was developed in Belgium in the 1970s. This drug belongs to the class of drugs, called racetams and it shares similarities in structure with Piracetam. This drug is recognized as an effectual smart drug for its capability for improving mental performance. It also upsurges memory and works competently for the general improvement of learning capacity. Its effects are apparent in various cognitive functions, like, mental endurance, memorization, concentration, visual perception, and focus. This medication also improves verbal fluidity and it is considered a more powerful sister of Piracetam. The best part is, this medication lacks negative side effects like other racetams.

Additionally, this medication is used for refining the psychological condition of patients suffering from cerebrovascular disease. According to studies, this medication is highly helpful in maintaining the metabolism of the brain to normal levels. It reflects its positive outcomes in ischemic patients. These patients experience a peculiar condition where their brain receives a lesser flow of blood. Due to this, their brain neurons get damaged by the production of free radicals that are toxic by nature. When patients take this medication during ischemia it decreases the production of free radicals. Besides its nootropic impacts, this supplement acts as a lucid dreaming aid and it endorses more vivid dreams.

Effects on your sleep

It is highly advised to take this medication during the day so as to avoid insomnia. Taking this medication late in the evening will make it tough for you to fall asleep. This medication has got mild stimulating impacts and can upsurge attention and arousal. Though it is beneficial during the daytime when you wish to improve your wakefulness and focus, yet it can disturb your sleep tremendously. According to some users, taking this drug prior to retiring to bed makes them wake up many times during the night.When you are sensitive to the impacts of this medication then it would be better to take it before 2 pm.

Again, taking this nootropic prior to bedtime can alter your dreaming patterns. The consumption of this nootropic prior to bedtime can change your dreaming patterns. However, not every person experiences similar outcomes. As this medication has got anxiolytic effects, there are some people who experience mental calmness and relaxing effects with it. This medication has been studied well for its impacts on depression and anxiety. It works for lessening anxiety and works by influencing the neurotransmitters serotonin, GABA, and dopamine. Some people experience exhaustion after they take this medication that assists them to enjoy a sound sleep.

Effects on lucid dreaming

By lucid dreaming is meant the condition where you feel you are dreaming. There are many people who enjoy lucid dreaming and enjoy having a better capability for remembering their dreams after they wake up. Different supplements are utilized for increasing the capability to recall dreams after waking up. This medication acts as a lucid dreaming aid and it upsurges cholinergic neurotransmission that is linked to initiating dreams plus the vividness and the capacity to remember them. People who practice lucid dreaming methods on a daily basis find it easier on controlling the subject of their dreams after they develop experience with this process.

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