Rewarding career opportunities in the textile industry

Over last few years, the textile industry has evolved so much. For people who are looking forward to pursuing a career in this industry, a number of new avenues have been opened in the sector. When talking about the career opportunities in this business, a broad range of career options are available to choose from. If you get involved in this business, then you can earn a good deal of money. But to become a professional, it is important to acquire the details of career options exist in this field. Well, a few of them are written below to take a look.

List of career options in textile industry,

  • Fashion Designer: With the evolution of Indian fashion all around the world, the demand for fashion designers has increased. It is one of the lucrative and appealing professions in these days. To become an expert professional, you have to be creative with excellent communication skills so that you can understand the crystal clear requirements of clients. When it comes to the responsibilities of the designer, he or she has to review design ideas on the regular basis, select the right fabric, supervise the stitching work, and hold trials of clothes with in-house models. Today, India has several popular designers including Manish Malhotra, Wendell Rodrick‚Äôs, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, and many others.
  • Textile Engineer: This is the kind of profession in which the person has to look after all the aspects of the textile process. If you choose this career for yourself, then you should have engineering methodologies which help in producing fabrics. The duty of textile engineer is not only to develop new methods of manufacturing fabric but also work on improving on them. Various private and government organizations employ text engineers. It means there is a huge scope in this career option.
  • Fabric Development Manager: When designer chooses the fabric, this is where the job of fabric development manager starts. This is the one who is responsible for research, development, and application of chosen fabric.
  • Press Operator: In this profession, an operator has to visually inspect machines before each shift to make sure that every machine is in well-maintained condition. It is imperative to ensure the overall quality of clothes which are being stitched.
  • Merchandiser: When the clothes are ready, the merchandisers select and buy them. And their retail employers sell the collection in various respective stores.

So, if you are the person who wants to choose any of these professions, then you have to find the leading companies which can determine your potential and make you work for them. There are many ways to search for the job opportunities available in the fashion industry. But if you want to rely on an organized and efficient way of job search, then there is no better option than an online source.

You can find leading online job portals such as Monster India on the internet which will make you explore numerous job openings in the fashion industry. If you need to do job search based on a particular location, then you can type a keyword like Jobs in Surat and a number of vacancies will show up to apply online. So create your profile and upload an updated CV on this portal now!

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