Rotis to Cherish in India

When it comes to Indian meal, roti or parathas tops the list along with rice. These are mainly staple dishes which every Indians have for dinner or lunch. They pair up them with some delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian side dishes and fill up their stomachs. Roti is a regular essential when it comes to food habits in India.

Even roti has a lot of variations depending on the ingredient which are used to make it. From tandoori roti, to rumali roti to bajra roti; each one is different from the other. Here are some lovely variations of roti which you can try.

Kerala Paratha

This is one is a unique delicacy from the god’s own country. Being originated in Kerala this one is popular because of its crispy and crunchy texture. One can even have it in the breakfast or in lunch. These parathas are mainly paired with sift and light dishes like cream chicken soups or a vegetable stew. The side dish should be piping hot when served.

Akki Roti

This one is made from rice flour. It has its origin in northern part of Karnataka and it is delicious in one word.  They taste scrumptious and go very well with lentil soups, bottle gourds or channadaal. It is a perfect dinner dish after a tiring day.

Biscuit Roti

May be you are a bit surprised by the name of this but this is basically a crispy snack item which has its origin in the Konkan coast. But this dish is a must try as they taste delicious, crunchy and buttery. One can have them with a steaming cup of Masala tea (tea with mild spices). These rotis are made with semolina fillings and then there are deep fried. One can add some soft spices to make it taste even better.


It is another delicacy, which hails from Punjab. This paratha has a stuffing of hot and spicy mashed potatoes which gives it a delicious twist. One can have them with cold curd or can also pair them up with spicy pickles.

Missi Roti

This is a roti which is made from besan and one can pair them up with a dish of spicy and fried vegetables. One can also have them with a bowl of hot daal or lentil soup and this can be a perfect filling for you.


This delicacy has its origin in West Bengal. This is made with sugar, ghee and wheat flour which turns this one to fried flat bread which has a flaky texture.


This one comes from the state of Tamil Nadu. This is not just a paratha but a dish on its own. Here the paratha is mixed in the tawa along with a spicy sauce called ‘salna’, some eggs and chicken. They are missed well and minced properly. The end result is so delicious that you will want to try it again and again.

One can also go for plain and simple butter rotis or naan and pair them up with side dishes.

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