Small and Significant Backpack Essentials for a Camping Trip in Shimla

Camping on a snow-covered cliff is one of the most surreal experiences that one can enjoy in his/her life. Shimla is one of the best camping sites in the world and attracts people from across the globe to its wonderful mountains every year. It is important to pack important items like water, food, camping tent, sleeping bag, etc. in your camping bag. Here are 4 critical items that you need to include in your checklist while packing your bags.


The flashlight is one of the smallest yet most critical items that you will miss while packing for your camping trip. A good durable flashlight has no replacement. If you plan on using your smartphone for a flashlight, you should think again. You might not want to use your smartphone in the critically cold weather of the mountains. Instead, carry a rechargeable flashlight with you that runs on mechanical power.

First Aid Kit

If you plan on hitting the rocks for a hiking a rock climbing experience, you need to have a first-aid kit ready in your backpack. The first-aid kit essentials include antiseptic creams, tablets for cold and headache, waterproof band-aids, cotton swabs as well as enough plastic baggage to keep the medicines away from moisture. It is common for even the professional hikers to get few bumps and scratches on the trip. Having a first aid kit and the basic knowledge of using it can help you in the long run on the trip.

You will often find a comprehensive list of first aid kit items or a readymade first aid kit as part of your Shimla Tour packages.

Waterproof Jackets

When you are camping on a snowy cliff, water is bound to seep in and you can also expect occasional snowfall, hail or rainfall on the trip while hiking. It is vital for you to carry enough disposable waterproof lightweight jackets with you to stay dry and away from chances of a frostbite.

GPS/Wireless Radio

If you are an adventurer and love to take the road less travelled, you must carry a sturdy GPS device as well as wireless radio to stay in touch with base camp. Most of the travel agencies that offer camping experience provide these items as part of their Shimla tour packages.

So, are you ready for a magnificent night beneath the stars in your trip to Shimla? Wrong! You’re not ready until unless you have these critical items with you in your backpack.

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