Student and Visitor Visa: Big Changes to Australian Student Visas: What you need to Know

Are you planning to lodge Australian student visa? Then make sure you sit down and focus on the new changes made in the student visa structure of Australia.

The student visa application process has changed starting from July 1, 2016.  The Immigration and Border Protection Department is calling it the simplified student visa framework (SSVF). Essentially, the application process for a student visa is now much simpler.

For overseas students, Australia gives over 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 study options opt to choose from. The Home Affairs Department has made few changes to the student visa fund which will be applicable from February 2018.

The applicants lodging their application for student visa From February 2018 are required to show more money to prove that they have adequate funds available while studying in Australia. The cost of annual livelihood will increase as per Australia’s Consumer Price Index, from February 1, 2018.

There are four major changes in Australian student visa: –

  1. Discarding former student visa sub-classes and launching of a new sub-class 500 student visa.
  2. It is now possible for all students to lodge student visas from within Australia unless they hold some types of prohibited visas,
  3. The English language and financial needs for student visa have been made easier.
  4. 8202 ‘Maintaining Nomination’ Change in Student Visa Status.

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New student sub-class 500 visa:-

By July 1, 2016, there were seven Australian student visas. The sub-class dependent on the type, of course, you were accomplishing, even if it was school, higher education, Professional education, Ph.D. or English language. Now, these seven Visas subclasses are discarded for a new visa.

The new subclass 500 visa replaces them all and this implies that the norms for applicants are very easy to understand and in most cases, visa applications can be filed online.

Student visa financial requirements:-

In Australia, You are required to have sufficient money that is actually available to you to pay off for your curriculum fee, travel and livelihood cost for you and your family members. With your visa application, you may need to provide particular account proof of your financial capability.

 English requirements made simple:

From now on, if your student visa level is treated ‘low risk’ then it is possible to apply without proof of English language skills. Your student visa risk levels rely on the risk level of your country’s passport and education source.

You have been excluded from the English language test if you:

  • Possess the UK, USA, Canada, NZ or Ireland passports,
  • ELICOS are applied in school or postgraduate research courses,
  • Area overseas affairs, defense or secondary exchange student,
  • In Australia has completed the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education,
  • In Australia, standard IV or higher is completed essentially
  • In Australia, Canada, NZ, South Africa, Ireland, UK or USA have completed five years of study in English medium.

Note: – If your student visa level is not treated ‘low risk’ then you will need to show your English language proficiency.

Completely, the new visa framework should make the application process simpler for low-risk students

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